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The following is a list of the major changes to this web site.  Additions to the Links page are not  included. They are posted whenever I come across a site that may be interesting to bookmark. The list was divided.  Genealogy Links are now separate from General Links.  Be sure to check them out as I've posted some great links lately.

Queries  These are added to when received and not noted on this page.

I've been adding bits and pieces to some of the pages.  They are not included here.

Feb 12, 2000    New pages added. Webster and Griswold.  Names include Dart, Tremper,
                         Noel and others.  I don't always remember to update this page. Sorry.
Nov.11, 1999
    New Chart of the letters transcribed, writers, relationships, etc. We hope to add
                          to this on a regular basis. It will be a long process but we are making progress.
Sept. 20, 1999   Index of Guest Book Entries
Sept. 9, 1999
   Hilgert, Wendell John   (Descendants)  
April 4, 1999
    George Evens
Feb. 1, 1999
     Hosea Breese
Jan. 13, 1999    Change over to a new server for the web page.   Some of the links did not transfer              to the new server and I had to do them manually.  Please let me know if I've miss one.  There              are 118 files to date. 
Dec. 10, 1998  
Corrections and additions to Van Garden Genealogy
Dec. 4, 1998
   Correction to parents of  Cashaday Swayze.
Nov. 17, 1998
   Orra Dusenberry     Civil War Letters
Nov. 5, 1998
    Cashaday Swayze  Personal page of Cashaday Swayze.
Oct. 31, 1998
   Harris Genealogy   Thomas Harris & Susan
Oct. 29, 1998   Swartwood Genealogy
Oct. 26, 1998
   William Bandfield & Katherine Hurst, family info.
Oct. 23, 1998
   Carn/Carns Genealogy
Oct. 9, 1998
     Sutfin Genealogy
Oct. 7, 1998
  I do believe I've completed the changes on all of the pages.
           Please let me know if I've miss one.  There are now 78 files.
Oct. 6, 1998
    Northrop Genealogy
Oct.2, 1998
    Van Garden Genealogy
Sept. 29, 1998   Swayze/Martin Family
                           Michael Robinson Family History
Sept. 22, 1998
  Northrup Genealogy
               Bandfield Genealogy
Sept. 16,1998  Will of John Robeson   Documents
Sept. 2, 1998  Audley/Odlin Genealogy
Sept. 1, 1998  Freeman Genealogy
         Genealogy Links & General Links   I came across many interesting sites for both
         Genealogy and every day so decided to make two pages. I hope you find them useful.
Aug. 31, 1998-Sept 24, 1998   Some of the links automatically transferred the new address
         over on the pages. Others did not so it has been necessary for me to check the links
         on each page and make the necessary changes.  It is a time consuming process. 
        63 pages have been changed to date.  I'm trying to do a few each day.
Aug. 20, 1998 We finally got our new domain address.  It will take some time to complete
        the changes on all of the pages.  Please let me know if a link was overlooked.
Aug. 15-20, 1998  Updated Surname Index Page.
July 29, 1998 Query Page  Common Surnames with New England Ancestors. These are
        added to when received and not noted on this page. 
July 25, 1998  Van Leuven,  added link to Ulster County, NY Wills
July 21, 1998  Swartwood, Genealogy
July 20, 1998  Update Quaker info on Anna Tripp, wife of John Deuel
July 18, 1998  1850 Census, Caroline, Tompkins Co. NY: Family of Lyman Deuel (Dewell)
July 17, 1998  Van der Mark      Corrections to Sylvester & Lydia.
July 13, 1998  Thadious Deuel    Letters
         Added link from Swayze to Swezey web page.
July 10, 1998  Documents   Added Surrogate Court information regarding Phedora Deuel
July 9, 1998  Names  New Page.  Listing of names mentioned in letters.
July 7, 1998  John Robison  Letters
July 6, 1998 Luke Evens   Letters
                      Clark Evens   Letters
July 5, 1998  Evens   Genealogy & Surname Index
June 12, 1998  Van Leeuwen      Genealogy & Surname Index
May 31, 1998  Robinson     Genealogy & Surname Index
May 18, 1998  Roberse/Robison   Genealogy  & Surname Index
May 15, 1998  Van der Mark   Genealogy  & Surname Index.
May 12, 1998   Armstrong   Genealogy & Surname Index.
May 9, 1998  Swayze, William
May 8, 1998
  Swayze, Grant
April 23-May 8, 1998  Swayze   Genealogy incomplete, but it's a start.
April 22, 1998  Davol/Deuel  Correction to parents of Mary Soule, wife of Joseph (3). 
April 11, 1998  Index  Added Surname Index
April 5, 1998  Davol/Deuel  Added Reference, Duells in Warren Co, NY  and
           miscellaneous info to Name Origin & Harriet's Line.
March 14, 1998  Davol/Deuel   Genealogy.
March 12, 1998  Civil War Resources on Web   Added links to Sons of the Union
         Veterans, includes link to Announcements and Inquiries that have been posted.
         Cyndi Howe's List of Genealogy Sites Linked to new address.
March 10, 1998  Carns  Link from Genealogy page to Documents.
         Slater  Link from Genealogy page to Documents.
March 9, 1998  Home Page   Listed Categories.
         Noland   Surname Link from both The Letters & Genealogy pages.
March 7, 1998  Davol/Deuel Genealogy
         Documents  Added Dryden Centennial Info.  (Link from Genealogy page.)
March 1, 1998  Arnold:  Additional information under researchers.

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