Family History of Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson was one of the first taxpayers in the Town of Erin, Chemung County, NY.  Erin was formed in 1822.  Erin was the shortened version of the phrase "Erin Go. Braugh" which means "Ireland Forever."  Some claim that Erin was named as a compliment to Michael Robinson (the second "supervisor" or mayor of that town).  Michael Robinson was an Irishman by birth, and a gentleman of considerable local influence in the days of the early settlement.  He served as the supervisor from 1825 to 1826 and again from 1828 to 1829.  Records document that in 1923, Michael lived in Erin (District 4) in a log cabin, and owned considerable acreage.  (Notes taken from History of Chemung County - 1879, 974.778 H2hc)

A letter written by a descendant of Michael Robinson (Raymond B. Swayze, son of Cashaday Swayze) seems to confirm the "hearsay" about Michael.  The letter was written to J.T. Martin on December 5, 1954:

"I rec'd a card from a friend of mine that lives in Erin, NY and on the card was the picture of a log cabin with a man lying on the floor before an open fireplace reading.   The card read, 'Cabin of a Beloved Irishman - Michael Robinson, Erin, N.Y. 1822".

A document written by Harriet Deuel Swayze, wife of Cashaday Swayze, indicates
the wife of Michael Robinson to be Abigail Cashada.  This information has not been confirmed.

Michael Robinson married  his second wife, 1825, Erin, NY.  Betsy Robinson was the widow of Daniel Ozmun/Osmun. 

Estate papers of Michael Robinson:

Michael Robinson died September 13, 1831, Erin, (then Tioga Co.) NY
Next of Kin:
Betsey Robinson, Widow
Phebe Bandfield (daughter married Benjamin Bandfield)
Myana Swartwood and Emanuel Swartwood her husband,
Mary Ann Robinson (daughter married Daniel Swayze)
James Robinson,
Abigail Robinson, infant daughter

Additional papers:
William Robinson, signed off on property.
Israel Ozmun, owed money by Michael Robinson.

to be continued..................

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