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Harriet Deuel & Cashaday Swayz

We have been happy to share our research for your personal use.
However it appears that some have felt that our research is
better served on their sites.   Becareful, if these people were ever a guest in your home,
they would take everything but the kitchen sink.  They have to accumulate
the most names to be first in line at the end of the world.  They are not researchers, they only collect what someone else has researched.  Their research time is spent surfing the web.
They then submit GEDCOM files on Ancestry.com, LDS and other sites  for others to download.
Don't bother to contact these people for information.  They are so far removed from the lines
they copy they couldn't begin to give you accurate information and probably won't answer
your inquiry anyway.   They have no respect for  time and energy spent researching.
I'll be changing the format I've used in the past. 
Please contact me direct if you have any questions. 

PS: In an effort to cut down on the amount of spam messages received on hlol,
I have opened a yahoo email address.   harrietsletters at yahoo dot com

Jan 1, 1998
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