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Wageninge, a town near the Rhine about ten miles west of Arnheim in the province of
Gelderland, The Netherlands.  It was a custom of the early Dutch settlers to adopt the
name of the town as a family name.  Van Wagenen surname was first used by Benjamin, son of Jacob Aertsen  and Sara Pels.

First Generation

Aert JACOBSEN, arrived from Holland, probably about 1650, died before 1668, and is believed to have come from Wageninge, possibly son of Jacob Aertse Wagenaar.  He was the first of definite record, May 21,1653, when with Evart Pels and others he took the oath of allegiance to the patron at Fort Orange. He purchased land in Esopus,September 17, 1660.     

Aert Jacobsen and his wife Annetje Gerrits were received as members of the Dutch Church at Kingston, June 24, 1661. Children of Aart Jacobsen and Annetje Gerrits were Neeltje, Grietje (Margaret), Elizabeth, Jacob and Gerrit.  

2.  Jacob AERTSEN, also referred to as Major Jacob Aertsen, son of Aert Jacobsen, was born February 14, 1652, Old Style,  probably Rensselaerwyck.  He resided in Wagendale, now Creek Locks, Ulster County, NY.   His will dated, October 5, 1715, was recorded at Kingston, NY. 
He married, February 25, 1677, Sara Pels, daughter of Evart Pels and Jannetje Symens. She was born July 3, 1659.  Their children were Annetje, Aart, Evert, Gerrit, Rebecka, Geertje, Jannetje, Jannetje, Gerrit, Symon, Jacob, Benjamin, Abraham, Sara, and Isaac.   All  children were baptized at Kingston except Jacob.   Benjamin was first in this line to use the surname Van Wagenen.

Will of Jacob Aartsen, of Wagendal. Dated Oct. 5, 1714, written in Dutch.
    In case of death, the survivors to dive the property, except the property devised to the youngest son, Isaac, which in case of his death shall go to his other brothers equally, and except the property devised to the youngest daughter, Sara, which shall go to the other sisters.
    (My beloved wife, Sara to remain in full possession of my entire estate, and if she should happen to marry, she shall have one third of the income and profit of my entire estate.  To my eldest  son Aart my great bible and a confirmation-bookwith the name of Petrum de Witte, and my gun;  if he should die, then all to go to his eldest son Jacob.  To my youngest son Isaac my great chest which I inherited from my father and all my clothing of my body.  My youngest daughter Sara shall immediately after her mother's death have her mother's clothing, a new clothing chest, and a new table which Thomas Beekman made, and a tin comb, two iron-pots, a large one and a small one, and my house-mirror which we now use, and two milk-cows, and a new Sunday dress, which I give for my daughter Sara's marriage-outfit.  Sara Kook, daughter of Symon Kool, shall have a bed with belongings and a new Sunday dress, and a milk-cow.  To my daughter Rebecca, wife of Jan Ffrere, a certain piece of land, situated to the northwest and northeast of the wood-land, conveyed to Jan Ffreer,  to be continued.....

3.  Isaac VAN WAGENEN,  son of Jacob Aertsen and Sarah Pels, was born August 14, baptized August 22, 1703, Kingston, NY.  He married at Kingston, March 10, 1723, Catrina Freer, daughter of Hugo Freer.  


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