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Southold Branch


John SWASEY,  planter, probably born in England before 1600, died Southold,
Long Island, about 1686.  He wrote and spoke the English language.  He was a Quaker who settled in Salem, MA, with two sons, John and Joseph.  In 1640, he was allotted 4 acres of land. When banished from Salem due to religious beliefs, he sought refuge in New York.  He settled first in Setauket, Long Island, Suffolk County and moved to Southold where he resided until his death.  His son, John, joined him in Long Island.  Joseph remained in Massachusetts and inherited his Salem estate.

2.  John SWAYZE, probably born in England about 1640; emigrated with his father and his brother, Joseph, to Salem, MA.  He died in Aquebogue, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY  1706.  Married before 1650 in Salem, to Katherine King, born in England, 1625, the daughter of  William King and Dorothy of Salem.  Katherine died in Aquebogue about 1691.  Their children were John, Joseph, Samuel and Abagail.

3.  Joseph SWAYZE, farmer, born in Southold, 1653;  died before 1717.  He married Mary Betts, daughter of Capt. Richard Betts and Joanna Chamberlain, of Newtowne, near Brooklyn, Long Island, NY.  Their children were Joanna, Mary, Bethia,  Joseph, Samuel, Richard and Stephen.

4.  Judge Samuel SWAYZE,  born in Southold, Long Island, NY, March 20, 1689; died in Roxbury Township, Morris County, NJ, May 11, 1759.   He married (1) Penelope Horton, daughter of Barnabas Horton and Sarah Wines of Southold.   Penelope was born Feb.14, 1690; died in Chester, NJ, 1746.  He married (2) Susannah Huntington, born 1696; died Nov. 5, 1776 at Roxbury.  Children of Samuel Swayze and Penelope Horton were Penelope, Samuel, Barnabas, Richard, a child, Israel, Caleb, Johannah, Mehitable, Lydia and Mary. 

He moved with his family from Southold to the German Valley in NJ, in 1727, and settled in Roxbury, now Chester, NJ.  This became known as the "Swayze Settlement".  In 1743 he bought 800 acres of land in the town of Hope, NJ.  The land to be equally divided between his sons Barnabas and Israel.  This land became known as the second Swayze Settlement in New Jersey.  The Swayze Cemetery was established upon Israel's share of the land.

5. Barnabas SWAYZE, 

6. Barnabas SWAYZE, 

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Mary Ellen Swayze Payne Descends from Judge Samuel Swayze,
                                         88th Swayze Reunion Info
                                 Ancestor Line.
Wilma (Leas) Pengelly  Descends from Judge Samuel Swayze. (Barnabas Sr,
Joseph Sr, Joseph D, Asa, Alpheus J, Whitfield and Cora.) Travels to Hope, NJ
once or twice a year.
Bob Sweazey    Descends from Peter C. Sweazey.  See  Query.
Dolores Lynch  Descends from Daniel Swayze's son, James M. Swayze and
Elmira nee Inscho.
Donna Welch   Descends from Benjamin Swayze and Phoebe Freeman. 
Robert Merrill Swayze  Descends from Daniel, son of Judge Samuel Swayze. 
        See Guest Book entry Number 67 for line.
Vicki Goehring  Descends from Judge Samuel through his son Israel.  See Guest Book entry Number 92 for line.
Clara Reese  Descends from Joseph Swasey, son of John, who stayed in Mass.
Cheryl King Descends from Judge Samuel, Barnabas and son Joseph.


Frank Anderson, deceased.  Memorial Page
Bettie Holmes  Descends from Caleb, son of  Judge Samuel Swayze.
Thomas F. Swezey
Marvin E. Smith   Descends from Samuel, son of John Swayze & Katherine King.
David E. Swayze  Descends from Daniel, son of Judge Samuel Swayze. 
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Walczak Home Page   Descends from Judge Samuel Swayze.
Peppertree  The Saxton line for early Swayze's, Pepper and Stubblefield lines
for descendants from later generations.
Willly's Home Page  Descends from Caleb, son of  Judge Samuel Swayze.
Descendants of the Jersey Settlers  of Adams County, Mississippi.
John White   Swasey/Swayze/Sweazey
Housley-Bedwell Genealogy
Daniel Parsons Seelye   Descends from Joseph Swazey and Mary Betts.
Sharon's Haven  Descends from Joanna Sweezey, daughter of Joseph Swazey and Mary Betts.  Judith Bonnell web page of Sharon's Mom.
Swezeytown, Middle Island, NY


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Genealogy of the Swasey Family:  Benjamin Franklin Swasey
Early Germans of New Jersey, Their History, Churches & Genealogies: Chambers
New York's Finger Lakes Pioneer Families (Tompkins County):  Helen F. Lewis
Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut:  Frederick Gregory Mather
History of the Descendants of the Jersey Settlers of Adams Co. MS:  Frances P. Mills
Founders of Early American Families: Published by The General Court of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America

We are happy to share our research for your personal files.   Please refer our site
to other researchers instead of forwarding our research.  Thank you.

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