Families related to Harriet Deuel
& Cashaday Swayze

Please help fill in the gaps in family research.  Surnames have New England roots.  E-mail Roberta if you wish to add a query, 100 words or less.  Be sure to note "Query Page" in subject matter.  You'll receive an e-mail when it's posted.  It may take a few days. 

Searching for parents of Amy Arnold, possibly born Providence, 1763.
Contact Roberta   8/30/98

Searching for descendants of Benjamin Bandfield and Phoebe Robinson.  Contact Roberta 9/16/1998   Happy to report we have found line of Benjamin Bandfield Jr.


Researching family of Norman Brown. Wife Alice Evens and child Jessie Brown buried Schulyer Co. NY.  Contact Roberta  7/29/98


I would like to trace parent sof Lucy (or Elizabeth) Ann Duel, born Oct. 4, 1810, New York or England; married John Glass, June 3, 1806.   Contact Catherine Oshida. 8/7/99

Need information on John J. Deuel (Duell) (Deuell) son of  Henry Deuel (mother from Canada).  John was my great-great grandfather, married Margaret Miller in Passaic, NJ in 1870 and born in 1855 or 56, location unknown.  He or his father, Henry were from NY state. He or his father, had a brother who went west and had a county named for him.  (There is a county in SD named Deuel for Jacob S. Deuel - territorial council member and a county in NE named for Henry P. Deuel, a prominent freemason.  Information on them would be
appreciated as well.  Contact Cheryl.  6/1/99

Seeking information on maiden name of Sally, wife of Lyman  Deuel.  The family lived in Caroline, Tompkins Co. NY, 1820-1870.  Please contact Marge.   7/29/98

James Deuel, son of Joseph Deuel & Rachel Smith, married
Esther Martin.   Their children were James Deuel, Asahel Deuel and Lyan Deuel.  They were from the Pawling, Webatuck area, Dutchess Co. NY.  Any additional info would be appreciated. Contact Vickie.7/29/98

Looking for parents of Levansa C. Duel, (Lovinia Deuel) born circa 1829. She married Clement B. Northrup, Feb. 1, 1849. Dryden, NY. 
Contact Roberta.  9/7/98

Looking for info re: Allen Deuel b. 6 May 1804 Saratoga Co NY m. Mary Burge 1839 Licking Co OH d. 9 Jan 1896 Phillips Co KS. Children: Thomas Jefferson, Barbara A. Parrot, Henry M., George D., Agnes E, Anna L. Children born circa 1840-1850 Ohio. Barbara Parrot d. Exira, Audobon, Co, Iowa. Any information appreciated.
Contact Kay Hawks.  10/4/98

Searching for info & descendents of Zina Deuel -7,  (Gideon-6, John-5, Benjamin-4, Joseph-3, Jonathan-2, Wm-1) and Angeline Shaw  b.1807 NY state d.1886 prob Mich--need her parents & proof of where Zina & Angeline died. Contact R. McCarthy. 11/22/98

Searching for information about John Tompkins, and family, born in
Tompkins Co, NY. His second wife was Mary Deuel. Married sometime after 1825. Contact Allen Tompkins.   11/30/98

Seeking further data on Phillip Duell, d. 2/25/1907, and wife Rebecca
T. Palmer, b. 4/23/1817.  They were married 5/22/1845, had 4 children.  They were in OH until 1871 when they moved to Belle Plain, IA. Any further info would be appreciated.Contact Robert King. 4/21/99

I am trying to find information on Dr. Israel Deuel who was born around 1780 in Duchess Co., N.Y., settled in Vermont and was married to Mary.   Israel and Mary had the following children: Catherine b. 1801, Delany b. 1803, Seth b. 1805,  Mary b. 1809, Ben b. 1807 and Amy b. 1813.  The Deuel family settled in Sunbury, Ohio around 1810.  Israel died in 1814 and is buried in the Sunbury Memorial Cemetery.  I am also trying to find the maiden name of Mary. After Israel's death, she married Rufus Atherton in 1816.  Ben, Mary and Amy migrated to Elmwood, Illinois around 1838. Contact Vicki. 8/4/99

Searching for information on Charles Duell and Rose Castle.   Daughter Ethel Marian Duell, born in New York City in 1925, was one of five children (Kathryn, Doris, Rosemary, Charles, and Ethel). These siblings were adopted by families in Sussex County, NJ during the depression.    Contact 9/6/99


Researching Evens Family from Ulster County, NY.   Looking for Oliver Evens, born Sept 1791, he married Sarah Owen, born 1796. Their children were: Sarah Evens, Susan Evens, BenjaminEvens, John Evens, Catherine Evens and Oliver Jr.all born before 1829. Contact Kathe. 7/7/2000

Researching families of  George W. Evens who served in the 2nd Infantry, Michigan. He lived in Chicago and died about 1913.  He had two brothers who also served in the Civil War.  John Evens served in the 141st NY and died in a Maryland Hospital from fever.   Selah Evens served in the 86th NY, was wounded and died at Bull Run.  Contact Roberta.  7/29/98

Robert Evans b. 1795 in NY or CT. d. 1865
Hinsdale, NY Catt. County. W Sarah Cook b 1798 ca. d 1888 Nebr. Children:   Lorenzo, Harriet, Orange, Mary Ann, Isaac, Sally, Aaron, Samuel, Sarah. Who was Robert's father. All 5 sons in the Civil War. Contact: Mary Lou Eagleson   8/8/98

Myra Bell Evans married Clyde Leroy Chase. She was born in Caroline, NY and was supposedly one of eleven children. Myra and Clyde bought a farm about five miles outside of Ithaca and he had a milk route. She had six children then became pregnant and miscarried, got an infection and died. She was 32 and it was in 1921. I would appreciate any other information you might have on Myra. Contact  1/3/99

Searching for info on John EVENS married to Charity.   Children include:  John born 1825, Maria born 1828, Harriet b.1830, Robert b. 1831, Sylvanus b. 1835, Peter b. 1837, Thomas b. 1840, and
Rebecca.  I know that Sylvanus Evens was born in New Bethelham, PA.   He was a civil war veteran, however I do not know which infantry or even state. Contact Roxanne    8/4/99

Searching for parents of Catherine Evens b 23 Feb 1819/1820 in Shawangunk, Ulster Co. She married a Hanford Lockwood b:15 Feb 1814 in Sullivan Co. NY.  Do not have date of marriage.  They had 9 children. Their names were Absalom Evens Lockwood, John Andrew , George Waller Lockwood (my gggrandfather), Amanda Ann , Thomas Cotrel Lockwood, Harvey M. VanKeuren Lockwood, Charlotte Elizabeth, Sarah Martha, and Orville Allen Lockwood.  They were all born in Shawangunk.  Catherine Evens and Hanford Lockwood both died in 1884, although different months, and they are buried at New Vernon Cemetery in Sullivan Co. NY.  Contact Kay  8/4/99

Need help in finding information about Edith Corse Evans (21 Sept. 1875-15 April 1912)  and of all her great ancestors.  She is the daughter of Cadwalder Evans and Angeline Corse, and had one older sister of three years, Lena Evans.  She died on the Titanic as one of four First Class women to die.  Also she is descendant of Andrew Hamilton, Scotland born Philadelphia lawyer.  Contact Jeffrey Kern.  9/30/99


Searching for information and descendants of Thomas Freeman family of Etna, NY.   Centennial History of Dryden,NY mentions she was descendant of Reuben Deuel.  Thomas Freeman was a blacksmith, married Aldula Deuel. Contact: Roberta 8/30/98


Searching for info on parents of Jacob Clearwater, listed as age 40 in 1790 Census Guliford County North Carolina. He was a Quaker.  He also served in the Revolutionary War as a member of NC militia. 
Contact Robert Clearwater   12/4/1998.


Searching for information on a Mary Mosher,  who died before Feb. 18, 1799, Dutchess Co. NY.  Descendant of Hugh Mosher and possible first wife of John Deuel.  Contact Roberta.  7/29/98

Searching for parents of Charles Canfield Mosher, born March 30, 1850,Ohio.  He married Katherine Elizabeth Barnes, Dec. 25, 1879, Ohio.  Children include Charles Canfield Mosher, born Oct. 14, 1883,
William Barnes Mosher, born Mar. 23, 1885.  Three children, Nellie Anna, Willie Gaylord  and Lillie Cassie, died young.   William Barnes Mosher married Theodora Blinda Hunt, March 25, 1908 Salinas, Kansas.  Contact  Stef Dahlberg. 1 /21/98


Searching for parents of Jeronimus Rapelje.  From Hoes book of Kingston Marriages:  Hironeymus Rapelje, born at the Raitans, and Lydia van Leeuwen, born and both reside, under the jurisdiction of Kingston.  Bans registered Feb. 25, 1739. Please contact Roberta.   11/22/98


Searching for information on John Robison and his family?  His wife's maiden name was Davis. His daughter, Gertrude Robison, born Jan 1, 1881, Highland, NY, but lived most of her life in Eddyville, NY.  She married  John Kastner. They had six children: Susan, Lorena, Charles, Mary, John, and William.  Gertrude may have been called, Sophia Robison.  Please contact Denise.  7/29/98

Searching for parents of Herbert Jacob Robison.  He married Mary Catherine Carson 1913. He registered for the draft  Nov. 9, 1893 Oakley (Island), Cassia, Idaho.  Please contact Laura Kulcak  9/17/98

Searching for parents of  David Robinson; b. 3 Feb 1815 or 1816 at Gorham, Ontario Co., NY; m.Mary Ann Coleman, daughter of John Coleman and Catherine Krum, 1836 at Gorham, Ontario Co., NY.
Contact Randy. 9/18/98

Searching for parents of Henry B. Robison, born 1844, d. 1916, buried in Maplewood Cemetery, Alfred NY with wife, Lucinda Ormsby, born 1843, d. 1915, son Orson W. Robison, b. 1868 d. 1945, daughter Ency Robison, b. 1881, d. 1915. Also, a Martha F. Robison b. 1883, d. 1964, no relation listed. Contact Jan.   2/18/99


Looking for Parents/ family/ancestors/descendents of Daniel Rosencrance (several spellings).bn abt 1804, wife =Susan Rought??, children=Jacob B., Matilda A., William A., Joseph = My gr gr grandfather.  Lived in Bradford Co. PA or surrounding counties.
Contact Kent Hanscom   1/3/99



There is some supposition that my great grandfather Peter C. Sweazey was the son of Henry A. Sweazey and Lydia Hunt. If so, brothers and sister would be Whitfield Sweazey, Wesley Sweazey and Elizabeth Sweazey. We have not been able to prove this theory; however, time and place do match.  Please contact Bob Sweazey. 7/29/98

Looking for the parents of Mary Swazy (Mary Swayze) b. 25 Jul. 1774; d. 08 Aug. 1838 in Sussex County, NJ, who married 25 Sep. 1796, Richard Vaughan also of Sussex County.  Please contact Gerry Hammond. 11/22/98

Searching for parents of  Sarah Marie Swayze. She married George E. Garnett. Their daughter Mabel Leona Garnett was born July 4, 1899.  Mabel's second husband was Herbert Powell (born Dec. 6, 1888), son of John Powell. They had a pickle farm, lived in Wilmont , Michigan. Contact  Vi Griggs. 1/22/99

Looking for info on Martin Swayze ( bc1797 ) married Catherine Bogart (b 1811 ) in 1828 Warren Co. NJ. Catherine Bogart Swayze may have married #2 John Weller.  Contact Jeanne.  1/23/99

Stone:  In Swayze Cemetery, Hope, New Jersey there is a gravestone with the surname of STONE. Is there anyone with information of a connection with this Stone surname and the Swayze surname?
Contact Judith Stone.   7/2/99

Researching Freeman Swayze, b. 1822, m. Ella Potts 1854 Buffalo, d.
1909, Pelham, Ontario, Canada.  Believed to be descended from Isaac
Swayze (1751-1828), who was son of Caleb (b. 1722), who was son of Judge Samuel (b. 1689). Also looking for information about descendents of Canadian branch of Swayze family.   Contact Susan Swayze. 8/7/99

Searching for parents of  Nelson Sweezey, born about 1805 in New York (I believe in Suffolk County), died January 1837 in Suffolk County, NY.  Married about 1827 Charlotte Ruland (d/o Daniel Ruland and Charity Hawkins).  Children:  John M. born 1829, Daniel B. born 1831, and Nelson Platt born 1832.  Contact Bob Sweezey. 8/31/99


Searching for any information on Anna Tripp, possible widow of William Tripp and a son William Tripp.  Extracts of Quaker records indicate an Anna Tripp received a certificate from Marlborough, May 28, 1791, clear of marriage engagements. She married out to a Deuel before Feb. 18, 1799, was disowned May 13, 1799 and reinstated June 15, 1801. Anna Deuel, widow, with son, received a certificate from Oblong to Oswego, April 16, 1810, clear of marriage engagements. Believe to be widow of John Deuel.  Contact Roberta. 7/29/98

Searching for information on William Otis Tripp.  His son, William Otis Tripp, Jr, was born in about 1844 and by 1878 was in Sonora, CA.
Contact Stephanie.  2/8/99


Seeking parents of Peter Vandermark. He is listed on 1860 Census, Candor, Tioga Co. NY, with his wife Mary and daughter Ida Mae, 1 year old.  Where was he in 1850?  Ida Mae Vandermark married  Samuel Wilson Frost and is buried with him in Rutland, Tioga, PA.    Contact Patricia Wilson. 11/22/98. Found: 1850 Census, Caroline, Tompkins Co. NY.  Peter Vandermark 21, was listed with Stephen 66 and Polly 56, born VT (Mary Bracey), other children Sarah, Mary, and Thomas.

Lydia Van der Mark, daughter of Sylvester Van der Mark and Margaret Rapalje, born circa 1768.  Baptisms of all Van der Mark children confirmed except Lydia.  Only reference I have is the Van Der Mark Ancestry book by Kate Koon Bovey.  Would appreciate any additional information.  Please contact Roberta.   1/3/99


Searching for parents of Lydia van Leeuwen.  From Hoes book of Kingston Marriages:  Hironeymus Rapelje, born at the Raitans, and Lydia van Leeuwen, born and both reside, under the jurisdiction of Kingston.  Bans registered Feb. 25, 1739. Please contact Roberta.   11/22/98



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