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Updated: March 20, 2004

Online Clinical Calculators
LDL Cholesterol Goal Calculator
Weights & Measures 
Fahrenheit <--> Celsius 
Pounds <--> Kilograms 

National Do Not Call Registry  Avoid Telemarketers
InfoSpace    Find People, Places & Things
Acronym Finder
Postal Calculator  Find out the cost of mailing a letter/package.
SmartShip  Compare price before you mail your next package.
US Census Bureau 
Office of Personnel Management
Used Books On Line:
Computer Virus Myths
Translation Service   English to French, German, Italian, Portuguese & Spanish
and vise-versa. Feed it a web page or plain text.
Congressional Representative  Find your congressional representative's home page.
Senate Index   Do a bill search.
Internet Access & Email Charge Hoax
Better Business Bureau     Tips on cybershopping.
Web of On-line Dictionaries    Includes links with topics.
Ask Jeeves  Need an answer to a question?
Infoplease  Source for finding miscellaneous scraps of information.
Coupon Clicking  Use "Web Bucks" for discount shopping at your local grocery store.
Ask-An-Expert:  Designed for parents, teachers, students K-12.
Virtual Reference Desk    Links to 70 sites, including:
    Dr. Math     NASA's Ask an Astronomer    Max the SeaResearcher
    Grammar Lady      Revolutionary War
Consumer Reports
Notes in  the Margin   Comments on books and reading.
Daily Almanacs  What happened on your birthday.
Parent Soup   Baby Name Finder & more.
Get Smart  Borrowing Money
Windows 98 Annoyances
Knots on the Web
Stain Detective
State Assessor/Appraisal Web Sites
Maryland Real Estate Assessment Records
Home Improvement:
Repair Clinic: Appliance Parts, help & more
Better Homes and Garden Improvement Encyclopedia
Bob Vila's Home Site
Your New House
Ladies' Home Journal  Redecorating ideas for your home.
        Rearrange furniture to your hearts content.
How Stuff Works
Professional Publishing  Real Estate Forms
Top Secret Recipes
Pillsbury Bakeoff Hall of Fame Recipes
Holidays on the Net  Calendar of days off in the US and religious holidays.
Holidays Abroad

        Telephone Search:  Search by personal name or address.
        Reverse Tel: See who belongs to a telephone number & where they live.
        Map This:  Sketches surrounding area.
        Street Name: Shows name and phone number of your neighbor.
Switchboard  Telephone Search
Find out about the 9-0-# phone scam
Info Space Telephone search,Government listing for Federal,
        State & County Offices.
Compare Rates with TRAC   Save $$$
Free Faxes On Line

Travel, etc.
Map Blast
MapQuest   Plan your next trip.
MapsOnUs  Door to door routing with turn by turn directions.
Autoby  Price quote on new or used vehicles.
Apple Vacations
Best Fares  Master list of airline discounts only on the Internet.
Cheap Tickets, Inc.  America's Travel Store
Global Discount Travel Services  Fly for less on major airlines. 800-497-7132
Hotel Reservations   Subscribe to discount travel newsletter.
State Dept. Travel Warnings and public announcements.
Microsoft Expedia  Fare compare search engine.
Preview Travel
Travel Bargains
United Airlines
Yahoo! Maps  Great Detail.   Information not as accurate as one would like.

Electronic Greeting Cards
Hallmark                         Blue Mountain Arts
Message Mates               Teddy Bear Greetings
Virtual Florists                 Garfield Post Cards
Webmania                       Chesapeake Angler Post Cards
123 Greetings                  Virtual Chocolate
Greeting Card                  Hugs
1001 Post Cards             Christmas Graphics
Warner Bros                    Holiday on the Net
Webshots                         Oh My Goodness

Local Links

Legg Mason Jennings/Eubanks
Mystery Book Store Bethesda
Chevy Chase
Hydromont Berry Farm
Kings Grant Home Owners Association
Golden Opportunity Travel   1-877-535-9483
Email: hgolden
Robert E. Ward & Associates, P.C.  
Advantages of Living Trust

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